Realtor® – Lender Partnership: How I Help You Serve Your Clients

A Realtor® – lender partnership is one of the most important ways that real estate transactions close successfully. There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a Realtor® than watching buyers go through the process of imagining their perfect home, embarking on a search, and finally finding the one, only to have a sale thwarted by a lack of available financing. Not only do you stand to have invested significant time and effort into a project that won’t pay off, but clients that you’ve grown to know and like may lose their chance at homeownership.

PartnershipThroughout my years as a lender in Las Vegas, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of Realtors® and real estate agencies. In fact, many Realtors® that I’ve worked with in the past bring me some of their toughest cases. Numerous colleagues refer multiple buyers to me throughout the year. I was reminded of what a difference a coordinated Realtor® – lender team can make to a buyer when I received the following testimonial from a colleague, Sandee McDuffie from Hali’s Angels:

“How do I begin to describe working with Sydnee Johnson? Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, a great partner, team player and through our business alliance has become a great friend.”

“Sydnee has definitely worked some miracles for me. She saved one client in particular over $4,000 in closing costs and, after taking over the deal two weeks into escrow from another lender, she still closed on time. She also used the closing costs from the seller so wisely that she was able to buy down the interest rate to save my buyers $1000’s over the life of the loan, and in the process she made me look like a rock star to my clients!”

“We’ve handled some difficult transactions together and at those times Sydnee is a great support, always communicating well and making sure we are on the same page. Our clients truly are hiring a team to go to work for them.”

“Sydnee is very supportive and always goes the extra mile to help me grow my business. She follows up immediately when I refer clients and keeps in touch with buyers who aren’t quite ready so that when they are, she can let me know and together we can help them achieve their goal of home ownership.”

Do you need a reliable partner that can help you find the best financing solutions for your real estate clients? Whether it’s a buyer with great credit looking for the best deal from a lender or someone with troubled credit seeking a fresh start, I’m here to help. Contact me today at Sydnee Johnson Las Vegas home Loans to discuss ways I can help you and your clients reach your most important goals through an effective Realtor® – lender partnership.


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