How Las Vegas Lenders Support Real Estate Agents and Buyers

Today’s top Las Vegas lenders are making it easier to buy a home in the city. The relationships that lenders have – with real estate agents, with processors, and with funders – can make the difference between a rejected application and one that closes smoothly. Recently I received this wonderful note from one of the real estate agents that I work with:

PartnershipsWhat an amazing team!  Sydnee and Jennifer were true professionals in every sense of the word on a transaction that was rejected by another lender.  Not only did they manage to process, obtain underwriting approval, draw documents and fund this transaction in 12 business days…they successfully worked with my client to keep them calm and engaged after being strung along by another lender for over a month.  And the benefits didn’t stop there…the clients locked in at a rate .25% lower than the previous lender and ZERO lender fees!  At the closing table, the clients expressed how grateful they were for Sydnee and Jennifer and Premier Mortgage Lending.  They were all smiles!

The lessons here are important for real estate agents working on more challenging financing situations or buyers that have faced a rejection. Don’t give up!

Packaging is essential

Particularly for customers with challenging credit histories, the way that you document and package your application is essential. The right lender will look at your larger financial picture, and help match you to programs and products that increase your chances of approval. Whether your application needs a personal letter with a narrative explaining what occurred to bring your credit scores down and how you’ve gotten back on track or extra documentation to show that you’re solvent despite being self-employed, your lender should customize your application the first time around to help you successfully obtain financing if at all possible.

Communication and customer service matter

Many buyers have an experience with lenders that doesn’t prioritize customer service. While you are asking a bank or institution for a loan, they in turn are getting your business. All communications should be timely, clear, and professional. If you have concerns, your lender should work with you to keep the lines open and resolve those issues. Any delays should be promptly addressed and the path to resolution made clear. Choose a lender that will make you feel appreciated, even if you’ve had a bad experience before or feel like you’re in a weak position with your application.

If you need help obtaining financing to buy a home, contact us at Sydnee Johnson Las Vegas home Loans today. Arrange for a personalized consultation and learn what funding options may be available to you through a customer focused Las Vegas lender.


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