Buying a Home

Buying a Home

Buying Las Vegas HomeYou’ve been dreaming and saving for this day a long time. You are going to buy a new home in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and all that stands between you and your move-in date is obtaining a mortgage loan. Don’t waste those hard earned dollars on closing costs such as origination fees, processing fees and administrative fees! Put that money into buying a new washer and dryer, new kitchen appliances, window coverings or take a tropical vacation. With Sydnee and Premier Mortgage Lending, you have zero lender fees!

With Sydnee Johnson Las Vegas Home Loans, you will enjoy your new home and save thousands on closing costs. With over 25 years experience in the mortgage industry, Sydnee can make the home lending process worry free no matter if you are a first time buyer, or are buying a larger or smaller home to match your needs.

Owning a Home Comes With Many Benefits

  • Be the king or queen of your very own castle and  put  down some roots
  • Paint the walls any color you want (along with other remodeling) without having to obtain permission from a landlord
  • Save thousands of dollars each year in tax deductions from interest and property tax payments
  • Many folks pay less in mortgage payments than they do in rent
  • Build equity over the years that can result in a huge retirement benefit
  • Have a house warming party to show off your new digs

Pre-Approval Process

The only thing a seller loves more than a great offer is a prequalified buyer who makes that offer.  Selling a home is hard work. It means the home has to be in pristine condition at all times; sellers have no privacy; they need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice for a showing; and more. When they receive an offer (and often they’ll get several), a prequalified buyer has a huge advantage over other buyers making offers.

With a pre-approved for a home loan, you know how much you can afford and can make a serious offer that takes the question of “but will they get a loan?” off the table for the seller. That means you jump to the top of the pile of offers and are more likely to be successful in buying the home you spent all that time looking for.

Sydnee Johnson has helped thousands of people buy or refinance their dream home, even when folks have been through some hard financial times. You want a pro in your corner throughout the home buying process from pre-approval to closing and Sydnee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced loan officers in Las Vegas, Nevada.