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Housing Prices Shoot Up!



What all you should consider when buying a new home

When buying a house, many people have checklist of what they want included in the property itself.  But there are a few additional things home buyers should consider looking into before making their final offer.  While the house might meet be the home of your dreams, the surrounding areas and other necessary information should be a priority as well.

Two generation family looking at a house for sale

Two generation family looking at a house for sale

Crime Report: Look into the crimes that have been reported in the area. Check the sex offender’s registry.  Be aware of your surroundings

Schools: Every school is given a rating and when having school ages children; it would be beneficial to know what school your child will be zoned for.

Surrounding businesses: How far away is the closest grocery store or gas station? Be pleased with the businesses you will have to frequent.

Noise Factor: Is the home close to the freeway? Airport?  Will outside noise be a big issue for you?

Visit home at different times of day: The home will look different at night compared to the day.  Check out the street lighting.  Pay attention to any additional outside noise that might occur at night.

Consider the commute: Try to find multiple ways in and out of the neighborhood you are considering in order to get to and from work.

Street Parking: While this isn’t always an issue, some neighborhoods have only certain areas for vehicles leaving very little space for visitors or additional cars.

Drive around the neighborhood: Are there a lot of kids? Are the yards nice? Most HOAs take yards and community cleanliness into consideration but it is also a great thing to look into yourself.

Remember to be happy with your surroundings and the perfect house will be there for you.

Las Vegas Short-Sales, Foreclosures and Rainbows

Feel like you’re locked out of home ownership dream because of a recent short-sale or foreclosure in Nevada? If so, you’re not alone. The greater Las Vegas area remains in the top ten states with high numbers of foreclosure and short-sales stemming from the Great Recession and its aftermath. Luckily, the storm cloud of going through the loss of a home comes with a rainbow, pot of gold included!

Second Chance home loans are available to qualified homebuyers as early as one day after a short-sale or foreclosure. Premier Mortgage Lending in Las Vegas, Nevada offers loans through their private lending division. That’s great news for people wanting to get back on track with the American Dream of home ownership!

Since these loans are privately funded, the usual waiting periods for conventional bank- or government-backed loans is irrelevant.  Various private loan programs are available to suit a variety of needs. Second Chance Loans have slightly higher interest rates and possible higher down payment requirements than conventional loans but they also offer more flexibility in the allowed debt ratio, property options (including homes that do not qualify for VA or FHA loans), and there is never a prepayment penalty if you want to refinance down the road.

home buying2

Getting Back in the Saddle

Fall is a great time to be in the market for a new home, especially in Las Vegas, Nevada. The weather is cooler, summer vacations are a memory and it’s time to get back in the saddle and spend the holidays in your new home.

Your first step in looking for a new home is always the same: Hire the best mortgage loan officer possible who will work on your behalf to secure a loan to meet your needs. An experienced, dedicated loan officer is critical to leaving no stone unturned in helping you to own a home again. Sydnee Johnson is a senior loan officer with decades of experience and customer service that is second to none. If you qualify for a loan, she will find it.

Check out these reviews:

Janine Andersen — 5 star: If you want the job done right, then Sydnee is the loan officer for you. The best in the business.

Tami Bilyeu Nielsen — 5 star: Sydnee is the best Loan Officer I have ever worked with. She is a true professional and cares about every one of her clients…..

Jodi Vince –  Sydnee – Thank you SO much for all of your help with our loan and the amazing low rate you locked in for us! While there were definitely a few hiccups along the way (my fault) – you were always on top of your game and made sure that we were actually ahead of schedule for closing! You went above and beyond for us in so many ways… but, I especially appreciated your sense of humor and ability keep me calm through it all. (not an easy task, by any means!) 😉 I owe our realtor Mandy Miller an extra special thank you for recommending you to us! I will be doing the same! Again… THANK YOU!!

Give Sydnee Johnson a call today to get started on your trip to the end of the rainbow. You can reach her at (702) 830-2271.


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